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An unlikely candidate to play Celtic music, Raymond Tsang was born "east" of Dublin - very, very far east of Dublin. Raymond enjoys folk music from around the world and plays the fiddle, mandolin, penny whistle, Hsiao, and the er-hu. Raymond also had put away his instruments when he came to America, but the love of folk music never left his soul. Here he was drawn to Old Timey and Celtic fiddling, and began playing again. Meeting Helen was a godsend, as they play with each other’s support and encouragement.

Raymond is an avid fiddle, penny whistle, and mandolin player who started this Celtic group. His love for the music has drawn together these people with similar interests.


Helen Tsang

Helen Jansson-Tsang was born and raised in Sweden and is well versed in Swedish fiddling. She put away her fiddle when she moved to America until she discovered Celtic music and has been playing it and the mandolin ever since. Her new-found interest blossomed after she met her husband, Raymond. In addition to playing with the Cooks in the Kitchen, Helen and Raymond host a music session in Half Moon Bay every Sunday afternoon.


Bill Likens

Bill Likens was born in Germany and raised in the States. He plays accordion music from Ireland, Scandinavia, and Germany and has made many trips to Norway and Germany to collect music. He plays in several other bands. He is the newest member of the Lighthouse String Band and joined after filling in for band members as a substitute musician on a number of occasions.


Dave Sahn

Dave Sahn became inspired to teach himself to play melodies on guitar when he saw a performer at a San Rafael restaurant in 1997. He acquired his interest in Irish and old time music by listening to recordings and attending seisiúin and workshops. Dave regularly attends the Starry Plough Sunday night seisiún and the Wednesday Marin ceoltóirí workshop. He plays both rhythm and melodies. He met Raymond at the San Francisco Folk Music Club and has played with him there and at the annual Angel Island Civil War re-enactment. More recently he has enjoyed playing music at the San Francisco Folk Music Club with Raymond.


Marsha Murphy

Marsha Murphy has lived in San Francisco most of her life, and has been playing guitar and singing folk music since the days of her heroines, Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.
She moved just south of San Francisco to Pacifica, where she needed to hang up the ole guitar while she raised up her family. Since then, she has returned to her musical roots. She picked up the mandolin and the fiddle and has gone to town with Celtic and old time music. She has played and sung with several local bands, among them the "Foggy Dew," the "Murphy Girls", and most recently, the "Lighthouse String Band". She has played in coffee houses, bars, for private parties, cultural centers, and for charity events. Her mellow alto voice and energetic mandolin style have made her a stand out musician in every band she has participated in.